Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls – Coastal Isle of Skye Canvas Print

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About This Image

Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls – Coastal Isle of Skye Canvas Print by Mark Tisdale

This coastal Isle of skye canvas print features a view of Mealt Falls and what is known as Kilt Rock on the rugged and simply amazing coastline. Kilt Rock, if you are not aware is named such because it resembles the pleats of a kilt.

What I saw of the Scottish Highlands and Islands has left me wanting more every since. If I had been traveling on my own, though, I probably never would have left Skye. And look at that view, does that seem like a bad thing? It was just that singularly beautiful to me. There’s a reason that fantasy films are sometimes filmed in this amazing landscape. Those waterfalls tumbling into the sea on their own look like something that was dreamed up rather than reality don’t they?

Whenever I look back at this Isle of Skye canvas print, I’m reminded of a number of epic fantasies where the hero arrives at the edge of the world. Inevitably, the climax of the film seems to always be a sheer drop and tumbling waterfalls. In other words, it always looks something like this rugged and picturesque Scottish coast.

I would enjoy hearing what attracted you to this Isle of Skye canvas print? Have you seen Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls in person? Or do you simply enjoy epic and amazing landscapes like this? If you have thoughts you’d like to share or questions you’d like answered, please drop me a message.


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