Krog Street Tunnel – Atlanta Metal Print

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About This Image

Krog Street Tunnel – Atlanta Metal Print by Mark Tisdale.

This Atlanta metal print features the Krog Street Tunnel, a railroad underpass near the old mill village of Cabbagetown. This tunnel is fairly well known to Atlanta residents for its constantly changing graffiti.

There are probably few identical photographs of the tunnel. This is not just because each photographer has a different take on the setting. With the ever changing walls of the Krog Street Tunnel, wait a few days and it’s an entirely different scene.

The view seen in this Krog Street Tunnel metal print is a bit open to interpretation. It can be a simple architectural image, but to me the bright light at the end of the tunnel has a surreal feeling. Of course, your interpretation is your own! Is this simply a snippet of life in Atlanta’s in-town neighborhoods or something deeper?

This Atlanta metal print has been a popular choice over the years. I would love to hear your thoughts on this print and of course welcome your questions and/or comments about it.


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