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La Dolce Vita – Trevi Fountain Art Print


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There’s something magical about the Trevi Fountain. It really screams La Dolce Vita to me! That’s the spirit of not just Rome, but Italy. It’s an Italian phrase that translates literally to The Sweet Life. The saying became well-known thanks to a 1960’s film that featured a scene at the beautiful baroque fountain – the largest in Rome. That film, of course, was Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, one of several movies that have featured the landmark.

I will never forget encountering the Trevi for the first time on a cold winter day. I had seen photos but nothing prepares you for that impossibly tiny piazza overflowing with people living La Dolce Vita in Rome! It’s truly a tourist mecca with people in every nook and cranny trying to see the 18th century fountain. And when you stand there check-to-cheek with so many merry-makers, somehow it has the feeling of a party or a concert rather than an oppressive throng of people. It’s still startling to me, though, how such a large fountain was wedged into such a small space in the first place. It feels like it belong in one of Rome’s much larger piazzas.

This artwork is based on photos I took on multiple visits to that crowded piazza during my time in Italy. It’s my dreamy take on that beautiful baroque fountain but removed from the crowds and even the surrounding architecture. In a way it’s like the day-dream beach some people have – the happy place where they escape in their mind. But my happy place is a beautiful little fountain in Italy, a place I go when I want to remember what La Dolce Vita was all about. I can taste gelato even now as I look at this Rome print. How about you?

Have you had the pleasure of seeing the Trevi Fountain in person? Or does this La Dolce Vita print simply speak to you of a dreamy place you’d love to go? I hope you’ll take a moment to share your favorite aspect of this print.


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