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Lady In Red On O’Connell Street – Dublin Art Print


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Without a doubt one of my favorite buildings in Dublin is the one seen in this O’Connell street art print. This classical inspired piece of architecture is the main post office, An Post. I often find if I’m in a given location long enough, I tend to haunt a building or street. There’s no particular rhyme or reason to it. In part, I’m just simply draw there. It could be a love of the architecture. It could be the location feels promising. But the ultimate reason to keep coming back is a desire is to see what different lighting may offer or what other novel factor might crop up on a later visit to best my earlier work.

In this photo, that chance occurrence was the Lady in Red that you see waiting to cross O’Connell street. Without her, this Dublin print would be interesting but at the same time not complete. Her red coat stands out so bright and vivid compared to the clothes of virtually everyone around her. She complements but outshines the generally wintry blues in this picture. In fact, because of the cold weather during my visit, even the pavement is muted by frost. It seemed like every element in the photo was meant for one vivid pop of color. The Lady in Red really becomes an integral part of the story at this moment. She is a vibrant spot of interest to pair with the great and massive Georgian architecture of Dublin’s old post office.

I’m certainly glad I that I tend to revisit some favorite locations on my travels. If I had just wandered past the old Post Office on O’Connell street just once, I never would have had this chance encounter with the mysterious but eye-catching lady in red.


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