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About This Image

For the past few decades, there’s no question in my mind that the Little Five Points Skull at the entrance to the Vortex has become an Atlanta landmark. It’s certainly an iconic sight when you see it rising up over Moreland Avenue.

And if you’ve visited Little Five Points, you know that it’s an eclectic neighborhood filled with colorful buildings and all sorts of creative storefronts. To stand out the there the way the Little Five Points skull does is an impressive feat! When I think back to my years in Atlanta, there are lots of places I fondly remember, especially in Little Five Points, but the laughing skull on the entrance to the Vortex is a particular favorite.

I suspect I’m far from alone in loving this particular spot in Atlanta’s L5P neighborhood. On more than one occasion I had friends who wanted their photo in front of the Little Five Points skull after eating inside the Vortex. And I saw others posing for selfies there. It certainly is a unique and unforgettable landmark isn’t it?

If you’re looking for a quirky cool print of an Atlanta landmark, you couldn’t go far wrong with this one. In fact I’ve been surprised on more than one occasion to hear from people who have bought my prints of the Little Five Points Skull without ever having even been to Atlanta. It just has a special vibe to it, I suppose. But for many who have lived in Atlanta or still do, I’m sure this particular Atlanta landmark is a print that would pick at the emotional strings in our hearts and souls. I look at this particular print and remember good times and good friends over the years that I lived there. I remember friends from out of town who I took to people watch in Little Five Points. And I can feel the hum of life there again.

How about you, what brought you here to check out this Little Five Points skull print? Were you just searching for Atlanta prints in general or did you specifically hope to find the perfect print of the Vortex in Little Five Points? I hope you’ll leave a comment and share your thoughts on this print and what it might mean to you.

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