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London City Hall – British Architecture Art Print


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One of the things I love about London is that it’s a city unafraid to be modern. Some cities with the amount of ancient landmark architecture that London has start trying to build to fit a theme. You might expect London City Hall to be some massive medieval building or perhaps a rambling Tudor design. I admit that I expected it to be some centuries old landmark but London City Hall is none of those things. In fact this piece of super modern architecture pictured here is, in fact, London City Hall.

This is the home to the Greater London Authority, opened in 2002, and designed by Norman Foster. I really love the unique design but from what I’ve read it’s one of those buildings you either love or loathe. It’s built in the modernist style that is known by a few different names – “High Tech architecture” or “Structural Expressionism” or “Late Modernism.” Whatever you call it, London is definitely a city not afraid to try new styles. There are more than handful of daring modern designs on the London skyline, and it would be interesting to jump forward in time to see which ones become iconic buildings destined to remain in London for centuries. Will the London City Hall be one of them?

This photo was taken on the south bank of the Thames. I spotted this quite modern staircase adjacent to London City Hall. I wandered over and looked up the railing, and I loved how the curving lines of the staircase led the eye to equally curvaceous structure of London City Hall. The way all the lines met up was just wonderful. And I love that even the clouds were working with me at this moment to frame the building in London print.

Are you also fond of the architecture of London City Hall? Or are you simply a fan of postmodern design? I’d love to hear what drew you to this specific London print!


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