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London Phone Box Art – Big Ben At Night


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This London phone box art print is a colorful reminder of London featuring both a classic British red telephone box as well as “Big Ben” rising into the night sky. Anyone who follows my work should know that I have something of a phone box fetish. I love them. There’s something about that classic design and the brilliant red that calls to me. I loved them from afar before I ever saw a London phone box in person on my first trip to London nearly 15 years ago. That trip cemented my fondness for these now anachronistic telephone booths. And it grew from there as I roamed England, Scotland, and Cornwall over the travels to Britain that came afterward.

I’ve read that the London Phone box at the forefront of this London print is the most photographed telephone box in all of Britain. Whether or not that is entirely true, just based on its location, it certainly has to be high among them. In fact in my personal experience, I never managed to capture a photo of it without someone standing inside or in front of it to get their picture taken both with the London phone box and Big Ben. I wonder how many generations back this tradition goes? I’ve visited London in the dead of winter as well as Spring, Summer, and fall. It did not matter, there was almost always foot traffic on this particular London street corner.

In my London print, I’ve suspended reality for a moment. The only sign of life is the motion of lights from traffic passing along the street corner. It’s a snippet of time without obvious people which allows one to concentrate on the architecture of London as well as that brilliant Red London phone box and the towering presence of ‘Big Ben’ against a night sky.

I always like to add the disclaimer that I’m aware Big Ben is the great bell in the clock tower. In recent years the clock tower itself was named in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, but ask the average tourist on the street below and they’ll say that’s Big Ben! So this particular Anglophile yields to convention simply so that people may find and enjoy my artwork!

I hope you’ll pause to share your thoughts about this London print. What captured your attention most? Are you here because you share a love of the iconic red telephone box? Perhaps you’ve been to London and need the perfect souvenir? Or are you shopping for the perfect London phone box art print for a gift for a friend or other loved ones? If you have any questions, comments, or requests, please feel free to leave them in the comments below or send me a message.


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