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Timeless London – Routemaster Double-Decker Bus Art Print


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On my last trip to London, I was walking along the Strand when I happened to spot a vintage double-decker bus in operation. It was one of the old AEC Routemasters and it was heading up the street! I love the really classic vintage feel of those old buses. Never mind the bright red color! Seeing one in service was just fantastic!

I wasn’t quite quick enough to capture that first one so I planted myself in the area, settling on a spot near the monument to Queen Victoria that sits at Temple Bar. In particular I liked the boundary dragon on the top of it. This is the literal border of the old City of London. Anytime you see Dragons like these in London, they are at a boundary to the City of London and facing away from the city. This is also where the Strand becomes Fleet Street.

And I waited for awhile before I was rewarded with another vintage double-decker bus. This one is the #15 bound for Trafalgar Square. There is (or I assume still is) a vintage route that runs the old Routemaster double-decker buses through the city. I suppose it’s a service mostly for the benefit of tourists like me, but I’m sure there are people who live in London and love to see those vintage Routemasters still in service, too!

Once I was home, I looked at the resulting photo. And I quickly settled on this print having a truly vintage feel. Hence the generally retro coloring, like an old Kodachrome or other vintage film that’s aged. It just seems appropriate to have a vintage art style for an old classic double-decker bus on the streets of London don’t you think?


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