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Louvre Pyramid As Night Falls – Paris Art Print


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Whatever the time of day, the sweeping modern lines of the Louvre pyramid are pretty impressive, but as night fell… Well, I believe that literally and figuratively, that massive glass pyramid shines as the sun goes down and the golden lights of the Louvre come to life. Doesn’t it look like a massive crystal glowing in the center of the Louvre courtyard?

I’ve mentioned before that I love the eclectic mix of architecture. I really appreciate it when people are unafraid to mix old and new designs. So it was almost a foregone conclusion that I would be impressed by the Louvre! Isn’t the traditional French Renaissance style striking against the smooth modern angles of the Louvre pyramid?

Would that I were so fortunate to stay in Paris for longer than a week… I’m sure many people think that… But I have no question I would have been back in this courtyard many nights even if just to gaze in wonder… Ah, but of course, I would have my camera, who am I kidding?

This image was from my last night in Paris, though. Yet I must admit several years later, I remain quite pleased with my singular attempt to capture this majestic space as night fell on Paris. The Louvre pyramid is incredibly striking and unforgettable. And it’s particularly beautiful against those deep dusk blue skies. I sincerely hope to revisit my time in picturesque Paris some day but it doesn’t mean I would expect to per se surpass this memorable print. It’s not always possible to catch lightning twice, but it’s fun to try, don’t you think?

I’ve found this Golden Louvre pyramid seems to appeal both to people who have likewise stood in that same spot as well as those who simply dream of some day getting that same chance. To which group do you belong?


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