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Majestic Eiffel Tower – Paris Landmark Art


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I can’t imagine many modern cities where the Eiffel Tower could work to such great effect. Plant the Eiffel Tower in many modern cities and that grand beauty would be yet another tall building. The skyline of central Paris has a fairly consistent height because there have historically been restrictions of 121 feet (37m). As a result, the Eiffel Tower, the tallest structure on Earth when it was built, still towers over the Parisian rooftops around it. I’ve read they are relaxing the height restrictions in the city. I know Paris is a living city not a theme park but it would be a shame for the beautiful old core of Paris to change so drastically. Yet, who knows, in a century maybe this print of the Eiffel Tower reaching into the skies of Paris will look positively provincial.

To my eyes, Paris is simply storybook perfect. It’s a city with classic beauty. Gazing down the Seine with the cityscape unfolding beneath the Eiffel Tower, Paris looks like something set-designer would have designed as some fictional but beautiful city. At least that was how I felt as I stood on one of the bridges over the Seine looking at the view you see before you. It was a gorgeous winter day although I would have said the quality of the late bordered on autumnal. The cityscape had a warm glow, and the beautiful Eiffel Tower was practically a golden beacon in the sunlight of that late afternoon.

I admit it may be hard to find a unique angle on a subject like the Eiffel Tower. I’m sure it’s been photographed, painted, and sculpted from virtually ever corner of Paris. But the light and clouds are an ever-changing canvas. That beautiful warm golden light and those fantastic skies are all mine. And the languid waters of the Seine reflecting the world above really pulls me into this Eiffel Tower print. I feel as if I’m there on that beautiful winter day in Paris again every time I look at this print.

Have you also admired the cityscape of Paris? If not from the banks of the Seine, perhaps from afar? I would love to hear what you find most striking about this Eiffel Tower print! Hope you will take a second to share your thoughts!


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