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Mayan Adventure Art Print – Palenque Ruins


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The inspiration from art can sometimes come from unexpected places. During my own Mayan adventure at Palenque, I was photographing the ruins of the Temple of the Inscriptions. In fact, I had just finished when this young adventurer appeared out of nowhere dashing into the scene for his own look, and, I think, a photo of the same temple. There was just something about his outfit and the exuberance that tugged at my heartstrings a little. And suddenly, I saw Palenque through much younger eyes.

This print is based off a photo of that young boy’s Mayan adventure. It was an entirely unplanned moment but I reacted and captured it. In fact, if he had dashed into my view just a bit later I probably would have already put my camera away and missed this golden opportunity. It’s funny how things work out sometime isn’t it?

I have to admit that morning as I stood in the hot tropical jungle, any sense of my own Mayan adventure was wearing thin. The ruins at Palenque are far from the first Mesoamerican ruins I’ve seen and I was sweating buckets. It’s amazing how quickly something can alter our perception. His sense of adventure was absolutely contagious and I think I’ve managed to capture the feeling in this print which has to date gotten the most attention of any of my Palenque prints. I think it’s the magical combination of youthful exuberance and amazing Mayan ruins rolled into one frame that does it.

Have you sweated at Palenque, too? Or perhaps this print interests you because of the sense of adventure or the lovely ancient Mayan architecture? I hope you might take a moment to share what attracted you to this particular image?

Note: The ruins of Palenque in Chiapas are a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site.


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