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Moon River Beneath Dusk Blue Skies – Georgia Art


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As the sun was setting on my second day in Savannah, I was driving around with no particular destination. I was looking for inspiration for where I would see and capture the day’s end. Not familiar at all with the area, I was just following random roads along the coast when I spotted this beautiful stretch of water with a fishing dock nearby. The water was so languid beneath the cloud-filled skies and there were people on the dock fishing. I decided to join them and set up shop to record the beautiful moment you see in this print.

It wasn’t until I was leaving that I I hunted for a sign and discovered this was Moon River. It turns out that Savannah’s own son, Johnny Mercer had a home near here. At the time this was the Back River, but the lyrics to his 1961 classic song, Moon River, were based on this very beautiful location. In later years, the river was re-named in honor of Mercer and his classic melody.

I can definitely see how a place like this could inspire all kinds of art. Even with skies that were quite overcast, the natural beauty of those marshes and the river shine through. In fact, that blanket of clouds and the dusk blue of night over Moon River created a piece that’s almost singular in color. I love the deep blues and the little punctuations of white. And all that blue and white really complements and makes the marsh grasses stand out beneath the gathering mists.

Even though I didn’t know this was a famous location at the time, this panorama of Moon River is my nod to a beautiful landscape and the classic song it inspired.

So glad I stumbled onto the Frank O Downing Fishing pier on the Diamond Causeway that evening!


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