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Morning Fog On The Galway Waterfront – Irish Art Print


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One of my favorite areas of the Galway waterfront to walk was the Claddagh. I probably walked along there each day. I loved the seaside vibe and the smell of the salt air along Galway Bay. I never tallied up the days but I suspect I walked along here almost every day. I particularly loved the view of The Long Walk, the stretch of the Galway waterfront houses you see in the misty fog in this print.

During a good stretch of that first week in Galway in the winter, the city was covered in fog each morning, but most of those days, the fog burned off in the early morning to reveal a clear and sunny day in Galway. That was the case until the zenith of the fog. On the last day not only didn’t it burn off when morning came, it grew thicker throughout the day. This view of the Galway waterfront is on that particular day. The day the fog started off thick and grew thicker by the passing hour.

I guess some might have considered this a day to stay in, but the fog view of Galway were just too good to pass up. What a unique way to see the city! It was absolutely one of the highlights of my time in Ireland to capture that coastal town in a deep fog.

I mean, isn’t this misty view of the Galway waterfront pretty amazing? It just has a special magical quality to it, something quite apart from the everyday. The Long Walk was only just visible from the Claddagh but those beautiful pastel colors still are striking in the dim light of a mist-soaked morning in Ireland.


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