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Morning On The Marshes – Georgia Coast Art Print


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I think the Georgia marshes were one of my big surprises as I explored the Georgia coast on my short visit to the area. In fact, I spent at least an hour taking photos of the saltwater marshes that lie between Tybee Island and Savannah. I had little experience with the Atlantic coast before this visit and was truly amazed at this landscape.

The Georgia marshes, and others like it along the coastal islands, form, from what I’ve read, a sort of natural filtration system between the land and sea. And the barrier islands, like Tybee, protect the marshes. The plants that grow in this ecosystem are to varying degrees salt tolerant because the boggy soil does include sea water.

The plant types change as you approach different types of water which actually accounts for the golden grasses versus green in this photo. The green ones are nearer to the fresh water of Lazaretto Creek. It’s amazing to me how precise the lines are between those boundaries almost as if someone had planted a border garden against the golden grasses.

But it was more than a science lesson that made this place special, the Georgia marshes are very much a living place. There was a true sense of nature throughout the landscape. When I look at this print, I can still hear the songs of the insects in those grasses greeting the new day.

I did spend a good deal of time there, but it was the first few pictures I took of the sun lighting up the Georgia marshes as day broke that are my favorite. The misty air and that light were just an unforgettable combination, you know? There’s almost a sense of the primordial earth as you gaze into those distant marshes.


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