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Night out In Galway – Irish Pub Art Print


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I guess because Galway is both a college town and on the tourist trail through Ireland, there seemed to be a vibrant night life there. I was in Galway about two weeks and every time I was out after dark, I saw people coming and going from a host of pubs and bars in the city center. This print captures a night out in Galway.

It was only natural on my last night out in Galway that I would attempt to document a bit of that vibe with my camera. I suspect in the summer the streets might be even more lively. Still, I have much love for this winter night scene. The windows of Murphy’s Bar, the nearest pub in this print, radiate a warmth into the cold Irish night. Can’t you imagine the warmth from that door as you step inside?

The streets of this night out in Galway print are still alive with people. I love taking photos like this at night where the people in motion become more suggestions of people than anything else. It’s like capturing a living moment and even bottling just a little of the energy from the moment.

While I think there are many who might appreciate this night out print, I especially think that people who have been to Galway and spent some time there will find this print resonates with them and reminds the of their own night out in Galway. I know in my case, it makes me want to go back there again as I miss my days and nights in Galway.

How about you? Does this scene from Galway remind you of happy nights with friends there? Or do you simply have a yen for Irish pub prints?


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