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Night Out in Temple Bar – Dublin Pub Print


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I can’t look at this print from a Night out in Temple Bar in Dublin without feeling the vibrant scene there. Just look at the people out early even on a cold winter evening. The color and motion of the people and pubs in Temple Bar in this print really pulls me in and makes me feel as if I’m standing there once again.

This picture was taken with a fisheye lens and then hand-edited to create the picturesque image seen here. The lens creates a sense of distortion which has an almost three dimensional effect. Don’t you feel as if you’re almost standing with these guys on a night out in Temple Bar? The guy reading the restaurant sign really adds to the feeling of being right there in the moment. I almost feel as if I’m standing there on the pavement in Dublin once more.

If you peer across the cobblestone street in this photo, there’s a pub advertising itself as The Temple Bar. In truth, Temple Bar is the neighborhood itself and is one of those stories of gentrification so common in large cities. When it was a low rent district, the artists moved in and before long, Temple Bar became the place to be and was decidedly not low rent anymore.

Today Temple Bar is a world famous destination in the heart of Dublin. I know I heard stories about Tempe Bar from friends who had been to Dublin before I ever even dreamed of spending a month in Ireland. So I know, if you’ve been to Dublin, there’s a better than average chance you’ve walked these same streets on a night out in Temple Bar. Does this Dublin print stir memories of your own nights in Dublin?


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