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North Berwick Beach – Scottish Coast Landscape Art


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As my last trip to Scotland wound down, I decided I wanted to spend one last day wandering the Scottish seaside and North Berwick beach looked promising to me. All the guide books described it as an easy train ride from Edinburgh although mainly a summer destination. In my opinion, people who love the beach love it in all seasons. And being from the southern US, I’m not sure you could convince me to go into the North Sea in summer even. That said, North Berwick beach was an amazing if empty place on a winter day. Just look at that vast landscape of beach sands that seem to stretch on forever! I like to include people sometime but in this landscape print, I love that the image is all about the Scottish coast landscape.

This was the view that greeted me as I made my way from the train station to the seaside. I’ll never forget how edge of the world it felt standing on that beach. After two visits there, it certainly feels like Scotland is a land of dramatic landscapes. What captured my attention first was the wet ripples in the sand still filled with waters from the last high tide. I loved how they were reflecting the blue skies. And as you can see they became an intimate part of this North Berwick beach print. They lead the eye to the horizon and onto those amazing winter skies.

Vast was the instant title I came to for this print. There’s just something limitless and forever about this coastal landscape. I think we all bring our own emotions to the images we see, so your take may be completely different and completely valid. But for those interested, my take on the landscape pictured was that the vast horizon mirrored the dizzying array of possibilities in our own lives. So many choices in life and so many possibilities!

Have you stood on this same beach where the Firth of Forth meets the North Sea? Or are you simply attracted to this print by that gorgeous and endless beach landscape?


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