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North Georgia Mountain Roads – Fall Skies Art Print


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It’s funny how the places we live change our perspectives. I grew up in rural Georgia, and I’m sure for much of my life, the big city held much allure. And I still like big cities just fine, but when I lived in Atlanta, I often found myself heading away from the city on weekends. And as I lived in North Fulton, the mountain roads of North Georgia were in easy reach. I spent many weekends, particularly in the Autumn, wandering aimlessly up there.

My drives on those mountain roads in North Georgia were so directionless in fact that I often have trouble identifying where prints like this one were taken. I can only offer that this was an autumn day on the mountain roads near Brasstown Bald, the highest point in Georgia.

And I could never forget this moment even if I can’t tell you precisely what mountain road this was. I was rounding the curve when the view ahead and appeared. I was dumbfounded by that gorgeous sky. I rounded the next curve before I entirely regained my senses and the view in the next bend in the road was not nearly so good so I had to hunt for a place to turn around and hope that the clouds would hold long enough for me to get back. It was probably only minutes later, but looking for a safe spot to turn around, it felt like eternity when I was finally pulling my car off onto the shoulder of that mountain road once more.

I remember scampering along the roadside looking for the best vantage point and being so elated that that amazing sky was still there. People well versed in meteorology may be able to describe this phenomenon better, but the sunlight filtering between the clouds created almost a halo effect in the sky. The wispy fall clouds at that moment reminded me a lot of a ringed planet instead of a cloud formation. Whatever you call it, those skies over that lonely mountain road was an unforgettable moment.

Have you roamed the mountain roads of North Georgia, too? Does this amazing sky speak to you in the same majestic way it does for me? I hope you’ll share what attracts you most to this north Georgia print!


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