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North Quay Of The Liffey – Dublin Panorama Art


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Winter spring or summer, all my experiences with the weather in Northern Europe is that you never know what will come next! An example is the day that I took this Dublin panorama print. The day had started out simply dreadful. It was winter in Ireland, so this wasn’t a massive surprise! I thought about a museum day but decided that I had a pile of work to do and prepared to hole up inside for the day.

Less than half an hour had passed between that decision and my glancing out a window to see the sun! My experience with winter in Northern Europe is that when it’s there, make the most of it! And that’s not simply a pronouncement about how dreary the weather can be, the light on a winter day in Europe can be phenomenal. Again, this Dublin panorama is my example!

As soon as I saw the sun out, I made my way to the closest picturesque place there was to the hostel where I was staying. And that’s how I found myself walking along the quays of the River Liffey that gorgeous afternoon. I had taken a few beautiful shots of the river banks of the Liffey already when I saw this view of Bachelor’s Quay from the foot of the O’Connell Bridge. Those rolling clouds were amazing and far more than one frame of the camera could capture. Hence I began to plot a large panorama of the river.

The result was everything I could have hoped for – from the gorgeous skies to the great winter light on the north quay of the river. This is one of those prints that you almost feel as if you are standing there! And of all my panoramas, this Dublin Panorama has been my best seller. Of particular note, it’s sold to more than a few people living in Ireland. I gather it strikes a chord with people who have also wandered the quays of the Liffey whether as a resident or a visitor.


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