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Notre Dame By Lamplight – Paris at Night Art


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My flight leaving Ireland for Paris was delayed and the winter days are so short. By the time I got checked in and headed out to really see Paris, night had fallen. On my first stop in Paris, I got to see Notre Dame by lamplight. On a winter night, it felt absolutely magical! Despite the winter chill, I felt warm standing in front of the illuminated cathedral.

I’ve seen plenty of landmarks at night in my travels, but Notre Dame by lamplight was extra special. There was so a cheerful air in that Parisian night. It was nearly February and there was, as you see in this print, still a massive lit tree in front of the towering facade of the old church. I would have guessed it was a Christmas tree, and that seasonal vibe is definitely there in this print, but I guess it’s more of an item of winter decor in Paris?

This Notre Dame by lamplight print already had such a warm glow to it that it reminded me of an old warm print or vintage painting. The vintage fantasy style of the finished print took off from there. It has a warm patina that suggests its a scene from the Paris of days gone by

This print has had numerous textural layers added to create a feel of an aged piece of art. Take a closer look to see the canvas like feel of the cloth textures I added. The result feels, to me, like a fantasy but at the same time reminds me so much of the feeling of seeing Notre Dame for the first time. And there’s a feeling of stars falling over the city at night. My favorite part of this print though will always be the couple who paused to look at the cathedral. They add both a sense of scale to this Paris print as well as a humanizing element. They are the frame of reference for the viewer of this artwork. Can’t you picture stopping as they have on a cold winter night to gaze up at Notre Dame by lamplight?

Have you stood in the warm glow of the streetlamps outside Notre Dame at night? Or does magical print speak to you on a level that overrides familiarity with the location? I hope you will pause a moment to let me know what you like most about this vintage Paris at night print!


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