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Nu-Way Weiners – Macon Georgia Landmark Art


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There’s no question that Nu-Way Weiners on Cotton Avenue in downtown Macon, Georgia is a local landmark. The fact is it probably should be considered something of a national one. It was founded in 1916, the same years as Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs. And Nathan’s is the only Hot Dog stand still operating that’s older than Nu-Way Weiners! Talk about heady company!

There aren’t a lot of businesses that manage to survive decades, never mind ones that are near or past the century mark. That on its own shows Nu-Way Weiners is something special, but it’s simply a local institution. Every city seems to have one of those places, don’t they?

Even had I not known that Nu-Way Weiners was a Macon landmark, I would have been attracted to that vintage sign.Don’t you love that classic neon style? The fact that the Nu-Way Weiners sign was instantly recognizable as a Macon icon just made it that much more special a piece to tackle. And tackling it seems an apt description. The Nu-Way Weiners sign might appear simple at first glance, but once you get into the intricate details of all that Neon tubing, I can affirm it’s deceptively simple! I might have questioned my sanity while working on this, but it was ultimately a fun task!

That classic old neon sign is part of the Nu-Way Weiners story as well. You might not notice at first glance, but generally weiners is spelled wieners. That was a mistake that Nu-Way Weiners decided to embrace as part of their own unique identity. If you’re interested in knowing more, you can read about that and more in the Ed Grisamore book There Is More Than One Way to Spell Wiener: The Story of Nu-Way.

I’ve read that the old Nu-Way Weiners sign was saved from the 2015 fire that destroyed the historic Cotton Avenue business. Not that one fire could stop Nu-Way. They’ve blossomed into a chain over the years and were resolved to rebuild and re-open their flagship store in downtown Macon.


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