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Old Colonial Georgian Palace – Williamsburg Art Print


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On my visit to Colonial Williamsburg, I quickly discovered that it was almost impossible to tell the historic recreations from the buildings that were in fact relics of Colonial America. Standing on Palace Green staring at the great Georgian Palace that sits on the end, there’s certainly a timeless feel. It seems like Place Green could have looked just like this for hundreds of years.

And yet, the old Georgian Palace burned down more than a century ago. What we’re seeing in this print today is a faithful 20th century reconstruction of the Royal Governor’s palace. And my suspicion is that if you brought a citizen of Colonial Williamsburg to the present day and stood with him on Palace Green, the surroundings would look unchanged to him. The sense of the past is that palpable in Williamsburg.

Maybe some of that timeless quality also is down to the classic style of these old buildings? The solid classic lines of a Georgian Palace just seems to speak to the ages. It feels like it must have endured the years of storms and the rise and fall of the passing centuries. There’s simply some classic architecture that is so substantial that it simply feels old no matter how new.

And I believe that solid Georgian quality certainly bleeds into this art print. The image has a timeless and vintage feeling to it as well. It’s ultimately a capture of classic architecture in that grand old palace in historic Williamsburg. The result is a beautiful print that is not just for those who have had their own time-machine journey to Williamsburg. It’s also a great print for those who have an appreciation for fine period architecture.


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