Old Mill In The Morning – Autumn Canvas Print

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About This Image

Old Mill In The Morning – Autumn Canvas Print by Mark Tisdale

This autumn canvas print features a rustic old mill in the morning. This is largely a work of the imagination but is influenced by old grist mills I’ve seen growing up in Georgia. Many of them were ruins that have long since vanished from the landscape. Luckily some are still preserved for future generations to see another side of the life our ancestors lived.

In this scene, you can see the old mill sitting on the banks of a stream. There are autumn colors in the foreground but the distance is mostly masked by fog which is drifting over thee water. There’s a splash of red among the warm golden hues of the larger scenes. I would definitely say there’s a hint of nostalgia not just in the subject but in the overall color tones themselves.

What do you think? What attracted you to this particular autumn canvas print? I hope you’ll share your thoughts. Whether your have comments or questions, I hope you’ll drop me a note!


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