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Old South Art – Plantation Style House Print


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Perhaps I am not impartial since I grew up in Montezuma, but this neoclassical plantation style gem is the epitome of the old south to me. I half expect a southern belle to descend the steps, don’t you?  It’s truly a classic plantation style house that conjures memories of gracious southern living. Don’t you think?

While it has the look of an old plantation house and is genuinely  a piece of heritage architecture, the old DeVaughn-Lewis home is not antebellum. That fact might surprise some as it certainly has the style and flair of Gone With The Wind with those four massive two story Corinthian columns. But it was in fact built circa 1906 for James E. DeVaughn and his second wife, Molly. There seems to be some confusion in articles I’ve read in regards to the age of the “House on Literary Hill.” Captain DeVaughn married Molly a full 20 years before the house was built, but the style very much reflects the time. If it were older, it would be Victorian. But Around the turn of the century there was new prosperity and people wanted to revive the look of the old south even if it was a story book look by then. There are several similar old homes in the area all built in the same period. It’s possible even that Captain DeVaughn built his new mansion when he did to keep up with the Joneses of the day.

I regret the actual home has not looked this nice most of my life. These large old south homes are incredibly expensive to maintain. Renovation of them seems to have a history of breaking the bank for many. Multiple well-meaning dreamers have in the past decades taken on the task which has yet to be completed. That was actually the inspiration behind this piece. I was tired of looking at pictures of how it looked today with worn paint and fading glory. I wanted to tackle capturing the spirit of this old southern beauty with its rich plantation style.

The result is a purposefully dreamy piece of art. This is the old south to me, gracious homes, lush green landscapes, and magical skies. This is a print that sparked the interest of locals in Montezuma, Georgia, of course. After all it’s a piece of local history and part of the home town fabric. But I’ve found it speaks to many more who love that classic look and feel of the old south. Doesn’t it make you want to curl up with some Faulkner and a mint julep? It’s a piece of art that can bring gracious living to your home whether it’s a simple condo or you live in your own plantation style home.


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