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Open Window By Lantern Light – Williamsburg Art


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There was something magical about Williamsburg at night. The glow of Lantern light has such a warm and cozy feel. There’s just something about it that no matter how antiquated it may be, the warm light reminds you of a happy home, doesn’t it? It must have been imprinted on us all long ago. This is just the quintessential example of a cozy cottage and life in the mystical olden days that time has painted rosy. I don’t know if the lanterns were real or electric. I had my suspicions but frankly it was an illusion I didn’t want to shatter.

I remember well taking the photo this artwork is based on. It was just after dark and I was waiting on the streets of Williamsburg for a night tour to start. I glanced over to one of the buildings that was still open and the scene I saw felt so utterly timeless. A little slice of classic architecture with a lady resting on the windowsill in her period outfit. There is a cool blue darkness outside contrasted with the warm orange light within. And the bright glowing lantern light by the window. Was it a hundred years ago? Three hundred? Truly a timeless moment – perfectly classic.

This became one of those stolen moments I had to capture. There’s a real feeling of a place and time long past but with us still in spirit. A place in our collective conscious where lantern light still glows golden, warm and brightly. Doesn’t this print make you feel like you’ve landed some place special and likely a place you’d find yourself surrounded by loved ones? I smile inwardly (at least) every time I look at it.


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