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Ornate Wooden Doors – Mérida Mexico Art


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It was on my second trip to Mérida that I really became aware of the variety of ornate wooden doors there. In part, I think it was because on that first trip, the city was novel. Every colorful street revealed a new scene. Of course, a number of years had passed as well, years in which I had refined my craft. So it’s entirely possible that the details of the ornate wooden doors of Mérida would have revealed themselves to me even if I had never been before.

Whatever the case, the Paseo de Montejo where these ornate wooden doors were spotted was a particularly perfect place to explore and revel in the rich architectural details. After all this beautiful street built in the 19th century was fashioned after the wide boulevards of Paris. Thanks to the demand for henequen, it was a prosperous time in the Yucatan which is illustrated by the gorgeous details of this facade and those ornate wooden doors.The mansions of the Paseo de Montejo today are a mixture of renovated businesses and rarely homes and some are in, predictably, a sad state of repair. That’s why this little golden beauty jumped out at me. Although the little plants growing on the balustrade suggest it wasn’t yesterday, that was clearly a facade that had recently been renovated. I loved the crisp details in the architectural details, don’t you? And of course that glorious golden color between the blue sky and the green grasses.

And of course, the trio of ornate wooden doors have a beautiful symmetry to them. Set into the Neoclassical arches and columns, those dark wood tones really stand out more than they probably would in any other setting. And, I’m pretty sure the two ‘doors’ on either side of the central one are probably really large windows, but on that scale, they really rival the main door, don’t they?

This print speaks to me on so many levels. From the gorgeous Mexican colors to the ornate architectural details, including those ornate wooden doors, it’s just a real eye pleasing image. So much so that I’m hard-pressed to pick a favorite aspect. Have you walked the Paseo de Montejo on a pretty sunny day? Or does some element of this architectural art print speak to you regardless of having been there? I’d love it if you would take a second to share your favorite feature!


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