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Palace Walls – Georgian Architecture Art Print


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Sometimes small details can be quite eye-catching as in this print of the Palace Walls and a peek at the Governor’s Palace in Williamsburg, Virginia. The view from a distance down Palace Green is utterly different. Beautiful of course as the palace is a great Georgian building, but seen from this perspective, the palace walls take on a completely different feeling.

There’s a little more mystery as just a part of the building can be seen beyond the Georgian palace walls. At the same time, I think this print offers a more intimate feeling. One can see the details in the brickwork, almost touch the gentle curve of the wall. The palace may not be on full display in this image, yet we have a far stronger feel for the details. Interesting how that can work isn’t it?

There’s not a best perspective of course, there’s simply the one that appeals to you individually the most. It’s human nature, I think, to pick favorites. At the end of the day, though, I have a hard time picking favorites from my own work. Considering I offer more than one print of this old Georgian architecture, it should be clear that I enjoy finding different views of the same place. There are moments I might lean a little more towards this view of the palace, but it’s really up to the whim of my moods.

I guess everything has its own beauty and we all have our own barometers on what fits there. For me, this print of those old palace walls and that towering Georgian architecture ticks all the boxes. How about you? Have you looked over those walls and seen this same view? Or do you simply adore finding the details in architectural prints?


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