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Paris Aerial View – River Seine At Night Art Print


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Sometimes the grayest day can have the most spectacular conclusion, as it was on the day I captured this Paris aerial view from the heights of the famous Eiffel Tower. When that day began, it was gray and overcast with a light rain. If ever there was a day to spend indoors, this was it. And I did spend much of it indoors. In the late afternoon though, the rain slowed and stopped. I was near the Eiffel Tower already, so I decided to at least make a stop there.

I wasn’t sure this would be the day to see a Paris aerial view or not. If my only option was a gray day, I would have taken it, of course, but with several days left in Paris, I could be choosey. About the time I got to the foot of the Eiffel Tower, the skies began to clear just as dusk was preparing to fall. Best of all, being a winter day when rain had dominated the forecast, there was not much competition for the elevators at all!

So, just as dusk was beginning to fall, I was standing at the railings looking at one of the best views in Paris. The Eiffel Tower a century after its construction still dominates the central Paris skyline and affords an incredible Paris aerial view. And as you can tell from this print, it was a truly fantastic view! The dusk skies still had some cloud cover which gave great character and variation to the skies that were a mix of deep blue and purple or violet.

And the city lights had come to life creating a golden glow across the streets of Paris appearing almost as if they were golden arteries flowing through the cityscape below. Even the river banks of the Seine glowed with that same golden light. And one of my favorite parts of this Paris print are the long trails of light of boats on the river, a result of the long exposure of my camera. It looks as if even the rivers of Paris flowed in light that beautiful evening.

Paris earned the nickname La Ville-Lumière during the historical age of the enlightenment when Paris became a center of education. But every since the first gas street lamps were installed here during the 19th century, it seems as if Paris desires to literally be the city of light. As you can tell from this Paris aerial view print if you haven’t seen it in person, that old city looks simply grand at night!

And to think this beautiful day started out gray! I think about that every time I look at this image. This spectacular Paris aerial view illustrates that in the dark times, you have to be open to beautiful possibilities. If I hadn’t been open to the possibility the day would have a beautiful conclusion, I could have missed my opportunity at this fantastic Paris print!

Have you stood on the observation decks of the Eiffel Tower and watched the city lights of Paris come to life below you? Or does this beautiful view of the skies over the Paris cityscape enthrall you from afar? I hope you might take a few moments to share with me what attracts you most to this particular Parisian print!


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