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Paris Panorama – Louvre Art Print


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Sometimes Paris feels like one big beautiful blur when I look back on my five nights there. With so little time and so much to see, I basically was on the move constantly. I walked the banks of the Seine seen in this Paris panorama print so many times I lost count. Those historic river banks are so packed with history and beautiful architecture that the Banks of the Seine from Notre Dame clear down to the Eiffel Tower are part of a UNESCO designated world heritage site. It doesn’t just feel like one beautiful building after the next, it is!

This Paris Panorama is based on photos from my last walk along the Seine on the day I visited the Louvre. I had passed by it many times before, but this was the afternoon and evening that I devoted to taking in the treasures of that amazing French Renaissance Palace on the Quai des Tuileries which now houses a world class museum. And if you’ve been to the Louvre, you know that was enough time to skim over the highlights of that amazing collection of art and antiquities.

And of course, the Louvre is a work of art in its own right. This Paris panorama shows just the part of the palace that faces the river and it feels almost impossibly huge, doesn’t it? The Louvre is mostly a French Renaissance palace but there are architectural embellishments and additions that span the centuries. The bridge on the left hand side is Le Pont Royal, one of the oldest bridges in Paris and the bridge about the middle of this Paris panorama is Pont du Carrousel. This is a 20th century bridge built to resemble an older bridge that had to be replaced. The three arches spanning the river have a truly graceful Parisian quality don’t they?

This Paris panorama print has a distinctly winter in Europe feel to it from the bare trees to the general tone of the colors and lighting. It’s impressive to me how pretty Paris looks in a season that most would consider somber. I guess gorgeous architecture shines through no matter what, eh? Still, when I look at the cool tones, I’m taken back to standing on the banks of the Seine on that cold January day and I feel like wrapping my scarf a little tighter! Can you feel the cool french air around you?

Have you stood on the same river banks and gazed across at the amazing architecture in this Paris panorama? Does this print speak to you on some other level? I hope you will pause for a second to share what you find most striking about this Paris print!


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