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Parisian Nights – Pont des Arts & Louvre Art Print


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My first Parisian night was also my first experience exploring that beautiful city. I walked along the historic banks of the Seine from Notre Dame clear down to the Eiffel Tower. And as the banks of the Seine for that full length are a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site, I really was seeing some of the best Paris had to offer for the first time in the dark of night.

On my first Parisian night, I have to admit, much of what I was seeing was anonymous. Outside of major landmarks, I had no idea where I was or what I was seeing. I was just appreciating the beauty of Paris by street lights. Every so often I would peek at the map in my guide book, and as I stood on the Pont des Arts, the bridge seen in this print, I had to pull out the map. I was pretty sure I had to be seeing the Louvre ahead of me and on this point, I was right! It certainly looked regal and palatial rising into the dark skies of Paris.

By the time I reached the Pont des Arts and gazed up at the Louvre, I was enchanted by Paris. It’s easily one of the most picturesque cities I’ve seen, and on that Parisian night, I saw that the citizens of Paris are clearly geniuses at exterior illumination. All of the old architecture was illuminated just so. It wasn’t over-done or under-done. It was Goldilocks perfect. Don’t you agree?

Have you stood on the Pont des Arts and admired the old Louvre on a Parisian night? Does this print make you wish you had? I do hope you’ll take a moment to share your favorite aspect of this Paris print.


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