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Quaint Scottish Cottage In Village Of Killin – Art Print


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One of the things I’ll never forget about my impression of the Scottish Highlands was the storybook quality of life there. At least it felt like that from a visitor’s perspective. From the quaint little cottages that dotted the landscape to the picturesque towns, small town Scotland was absolutely the epitome of our collective idea of what defines fairy-tale perfect.

As we walked away from the Falls of Dochart in the little village of Killin, I was stopped in my tracks by this view. I had to come to a full stop because what I saw was this cozy little cottage with that great vista beyond. It really captured my attention and imagination. I loved the quaint character of the stone construction of the old Georgian cottage. But I think most of all it was the brilliant pop of color from the bright red trim-work. It really made that wee cottage stand out from the rest, didn’t it? And I simply loved how simple the form of that cottage was yet so beautiful at the same time. It looked like the perfect place to retire.. right now! Don’t you agree?

With the mountains in the distance and the beautiful afternoon skies and light, there’s a real flavor of what a sunny winter afternoon is like in Scotland. It even comes complete with damp pavement reflecting a bit of the light. If you’ve been to cottage, you know damp is part of the equation! This little cottage on the streets of Killin village really is cozy and Scottish rolled into one scenic view. Even though it was a cold winter day, I can’t help but look at this print and feel warmth. It feels like such a welcoming scene.

Fairytale-like, cozy, quaint – what other adjectives come to mind when you look at this cottage art print?


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