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Quintessential Italian Piazza – Rome’s Piazza della Rotonda Art


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There is an inherent beauty in an Italian piazza that seems to shine forth even under stormy and dramatic skies. Maybe it’s the rich texture of the old buildings or their Mediterranean colors? Perhaps it’s the air of history, but whatever it is, every time I look at this print of Piazza della Rotonda, I am reminded of Italy. And, of course, I want to go back and explore those beautiful streets again.

This particular Italian piazza looks like so many of them from this vantage point. In fact it may look like a quintessential taste of Italy. Some of you will recognize this is from the historic center of Rome, but for those who do not, if you looked in the opposite direction in this Italian piazza, you’d see none other than the ancient Pantheon. Never fear that I, of course, have prints of that as well, but to my eyes, this end of that large piazza was just as engaging and beautiful. Don’t you agree?

I’m sure the Egyptian Obelisk in the fountain on that end of the piazza caught my eye as well, but this print is ultimately a story of the Italian flavor there. From the wet sampietrini (the traditional cobble stones of Rome) to the layers of history on those walls, there’s a real taste of Rome and of Italy in this colorful Italian piazza. And I love that Italy does look just as gorgeous on a stormy day as on a sunny one. I think there’s even more of a sense of everyday life and drama to this Rome print with the people and their umbrellas and the sense of damp in the Italian air.

Have you stood in this same Italian piazza? Bonus points if you saw it beneath stormy skies! Or maybe a visit to the heart of Rome in the Piazza della Rotonda is still on your bucket list but this print speaks of your Italian dreams? I would love to hear what speaks to you most in this Italian print!


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