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Red Cottage Art Print


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There’s something special about cozy homes like this little red cottage on a side street in my hometown of Montezuma, Georgia. Growing up, I remember seeing a lot more of these simple little houses. Despite how simple they were, they had a quaint charm that exceeded their small footprint. I recently noticed that I see fewer of them around. Were they a victim of an era when everyone wanted larger homes or is it a simple matter of attrition? Maybe they gradually faded from the American landscape?

I honestly had not noticed their passing until I was asked if I would capture this beautiful little red cottage. The woman who requested it had personal ties to the home as her grandparents down-sized to it in the later years of their lives. Can’t you picture your own grandparents rocking away the hours on that wide front porch? I’m so glad she requested this particular subject because I think it has a universal appeal that transcends simple familial bonds. And it was after that I started looking for other little homes like it and realized there were so few left – at least in my area.

This little red cottage print speaks to the side of so many of us who yearn for the simple life. Look at the golden dappled life on that tree-lined street. As is common in old southern neighborhoods, the greenery seems to embrace you. One of my favorite books is Sleeping at the Starlite Motel: and Other Adventures on the Way Back Home by Georgia writer, Bailey White – a fellow southerner. In a chapter called Native Air she describes “all the green things press against the screen” welcoming her home. It’s an image that speaks to me and I think, to some degree, influenced this cottage style southern artwork. There’s a sense of that verdant southern air that permeates this print.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this particular artwork? What drew you to this little red cottage? Does it remind you of someone? Or do you simply love cottage style decor? Please do pause for a moment and share your comments.


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