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Red Light London – Soho Art Prints


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On every trip to London, I seem to find myself in Piccadilly Circus on my last night. It’s become a farewell ritual. This vivid picture was taken just steps from Piccadilly Circus in London’s Soho on my last night in the city several years ago. I was wandering the streets with my camera for some last minute night time photo opportunities before heading back to pack for my flight. Soho and the area around Piccadilly is full of lights which makes it a perfect night-time subject.

Literally out of the corner of my eye, I spotted this Soho side street bathed in a deep red glow. And, well, once you take a second to examine the scene, the red light glow is very appropriate. Just read the signs advertising Table Dancing at the Windmill International.

The vibrant red alone in this urban scene makes for an interesting print. But it’s also an image packed full of little details like the bright neon lights, the dull glow of yellow lights in the frosted glass and rounded off with a bouncer at the roped entrance to the club. There’s a real feel for the night life in London’s Soho here.

When I first posted this print several years ago, I was afraid the subject matter might be a bit risque for typical print buyers, but I’ve yet to have anyone put off by this Red Light Soho print. In fact, I’ve been happily surprised by how many people stop and take notice of this particular print, one of my more popular ones from the streets of London. I guess it goes to show if you find something eye-catching, it’s likely others will also find appeal in it. In the end, after all, it’s a bright red slice of the night-life in a vibrant British city.


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