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Red Telephone Boxes On Edinburgh’s Historic Royal Mile Art Print


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Edinburgh is one of those cities of which I’m sure I could never get enough. If you’ve walked the Royal Mile in Old Town, I have no doubt you understand my meaning. Edinburgh is just a fabulous old world city. It’s very much a living city, but there’s so much truly old architecture that there are moments when you gaze up the street… and well it feels like a place that has never really changed, a time machine of sorts.

There’s something almost fantasy like about this pair of classic British Telephone Boxes on those quaint streets. It felt like something that would have been illustrated had it not actually been real. I think that was the inspiration for this particular photo art piece. I wanted it to feel as if this image were ripped from the pages of an antiquarian book.

And isn’t that the feeling you get on those classic old streets of Edinburgh? I know it was the way I felt when I was there. And the more my time wandering the Royal Mile retreats into the past, the more like a dream it feels. I think as a somewhat indirect result now when I do new art pieces that reflect my time there, they become even closer to the aspect of a daydream.

Do you daydream of visiting Edinburgh? Or maybe you’ve been like I have and it’s still the stuff of daydreams? I think whatever reason brings you here that this particular print will speak to you of an afternoon in that beautiful old city.

Note: These K6 Telephone Kiosks are an Historic Scotland Listed Building. Additionally Edinburgh’s Old Town is a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site.


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