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Rugged Coastal Capri Landscape – Italian Art Print


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The rugged coast of this Capri Landscape is forever etched in my mind. I will never forget pausing here on our ascent to the top of Mounte Tiberio to see Villa Jovis. It was a winter day and we had gotten turned around and had gone the wrong way. We were rushing to try to reach the top when out of the corner of my eye, I saw this amazing light spreading across Capri below. The look of Monte Solaro rising above the Capri Landscape and the sea beyond… it had a heavenly flavor to it. It didn’t matter to me how much further we had to go, I had to stop for just a few moments.

The Capri landscape has called to people for thousands of years. The Roman Emperor Tiberius built his palace on a mountain on this island thousands of years ago. But he had people to carry him to the top! As I prepared to continue our headlong rush up the mountain, I wished I had the kind of clout to be carried up that rugged but beautiful landscape.

Today the Capri Landscape still calls to people. I’ve heard in the summer this island is packed with people including the rich and famous. On a cold winter day, the island was still quite beautiful but uncrowded. And I was so totally bowled over by what I saw that Capri has beckoned me to return every since that one lone day there. It’s not a huge island of course, but there was one beautiful vista after another. I think I could spend years there capturing beautiful landscapes on the fabulous Isle of Capri.

Have you been to Capri and seen this amazing landscape with your own eyes? Or does the natural beauty of this Capri Landscape print call to you despite never having set foot on that fabled isle? I would love for you to take a moment to share what speaks to you about this scenic print?


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