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Rustic Farmhouse Art – Grandma’s Cottage


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This particular piece of rustic farmhouse art has a small special detail that makes it incredibly sentimental to me. The figure in the doorway is intended to be my grandmother. Among the stacks of old family photos is one my grandfather took of his baby son being held on the steps of their home om 1937. The subject of the photo wasn’t my grandmother at all, but there she is, just barely visible through the screen door. I’m sure she was hovering there to keep a watchful eye on her new bundle of joy. For some reason, that visual has always had an impact on me. Every time I saw that photo, my eyes went back to my grandmother. It’s been many years since I first saw that old snapshot from their home in the rural Dixie Community in south Alabama. But I never expected it would inspire part of my own later work.

This cute little cottage is based on a local house here in Montezuma, Georgia, pretty far from where my grandparents called home. The actual building is about one big storm away from being a memory, but there was something about the simple vernacular architecture of that country cottage that just talked to me. I can’t explain why but I often look at old run down houses and my imagination runs away. And although it looks nothing like the rustic farmhouse my grandmother long ago called home, somehow the two collided.

And I love the end result of that fusion. On top of the bright colors, there’s such a profound sense of home and warmth when I look back at this. It feels like going home. I don’t know a more eloquent way to describe it.

I would love to hear what story this rustic farmhouse art print tells you? Do you just love the cottage vibe of that old home? Or does the figure in the doorway remind you of someone special in your life? I hope you’ll take a moment to pause and share your thoughts about this print and what makes it special for you!


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