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Rustic Shed – North Georgia Fall Landscape Art Print


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When I lived in North Georgia, I often made weekend trips into the mountains, particularly in Autumn. In my opinion, it was when the fall color was on the trees that the landscapes of North Georgia were their most beautiful and memorable. There was just something classically beautiful about trees and grasses dripping in golden hues. I looked forward to this time of year more in my time living North of Atlanta than I ever have before or since.

I particularly loved seeking out any fragments of fading Americana. This included among many things, rustic sheds, old barns, and the like. In decades so many of these old forgotten sheds and farm buildings will have slipped silently away. And all we’ll be left with is images to remember the increasingly quaint past. I almost considered it a duty to pull off the road and capture these rustic scenes. Of course, when those rustic sheds were surrounded in autumn foliage and the light was just perfect, it was hardly a chore.

This print is based on a photo from one of those weekend road trips into the mountains. I put on a lot of miles wandering aimlessly on those rural roads hoping for inspiration to appear on the roadside. The result is that many of these rustic images are not just timeless in appearance. I also don’t know the exact location of many of them. I would have once said it was unlikely that anyone would show up later with a story to tell about this old rustic shed, but such serendipity has occurred more than a few times.

So, if you have a story about this old farm in the North Georgia mountains, I’d love to hear it. Or if this rustic shed landscape print simply reminds you fondly of simpler times, I’d love to hear that as well!


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