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Rustic Vintage Theater Marquee – Perry Georgia Art


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One of my favorite architectural styles is without a doubt art deco as seen in this vintage theater marquee print. Of course if you look through my print collections, you’ll see I also have a great fondness for capturing examples of vanishing Americana. The combination of the two in this old theater print from nearby Perry, Georgia, was a great find.

I can only guess once upon a time this small town movie theater was a place where kids packed the Saturday Matinees and locals went to see the latest films on the big screen on a Friday night. In my mind’s eye, I can picture that vintage theater marquee with neon lights and films and showtimes, can’t you? It must have been a beautiful sight in the night skies of Perry.

The top of that vintage theater marquee obviously once flickered between Perry and another word. For years, I thought the other neon word was Merry. I have since been told it was actually the Muse Theatre. So the second word was in fact Muse not merry. Still, those years of believing it was Merry Perry have stuck as the title for this rustic Georgia print.

There’s a great patina to the surfaces in this print from the stucco art deco details to the rusting metal of the old sign. I love discovering old architecture that’s been well preserved, but there’s something that’s also pretty about the rustic look imparted by the passage of time. Maybe it’s the same element that draws so many of us to ancient ruins? Still, I’m glad I happened by here when I did. The last time I saw this vintage theater marquee in Perry, major portions of the old sign were missing.

Do you have roots in Perry? Maybe you have memories of the old movie theater in this print? Or like me, you simply love the rustic old style of that marquee? I hope you will share any memories of the Muse Theatre as well as what attracts you to this Perry print!


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