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Salt Marsh – Georgia Coastal Landscape


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My first up close experience with a salt marsh was several years ago while driving to Tybee Island where I planned to be for sunrise that morning. Seeing I wouldn’t make it to Tybee, I pulled off on McQueen’s Island and wandering along the trail there. That’s where I encountered the salt marsh, a natural filtering mechanism that divides the land from the sea along the barrier islands.

The landscape in the salt marsh is a mixture of salt and fresh water. In point of fact, the yellow and green grasses depicted in this artwork naturally denote the fresh water from the salt. Where you see green grasses, there’s fresh water. Where the grasses are golden yellow, the water table in the salt marsh is salty. This little creek or stream through the middle of the marsh was apparently fresh water. I’ve looked at several maps and have yet to determine a name for this little stream that runs between the walking trail and the road. But it does appear to empty into Bull River.

Regardless of the name, the landscape of the salt marsh was a magical way to begin the day. The skies were painted with colors of the rising sun and the shallow water of the stream reflected the sky. Photos I took that morning standing along that little creek inspired this artwork of that enchanting coastal landscape. When I look at this, I can feel the still of morning again and smell the sea air. And my thoughts turn again to those beautiful mornings on the Georgia coast. I still want to see more of Savannah some day, but I’m sure I would have to leave equal room for exploring the islands and beaches again as well.

If this print appeals to you, I have no doubt you know what I mean about the spell the Georgia coast had on me while I was there. But I hope you’ll take a moment anway and share with me why this salt marsh print speaks to you?


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