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Savannah River Sunrise – Georgia Landscape Print


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This picture will always be special to me because it was my first sunrise in Savannah and in fact on the Georgia coast. I wanted to catch those first rays of the sun somewhere in the general direction of Tybee Island so got up early and headed out just a wee bit later than I had intended.

I had been out on Tybee the evening before so I had some general ideas of where I wanted to be for sunrise, but as the skies grew lighter, I saw a small parking area along the river and changed my mind and pulled off to get this photo of the sun coming up over the Savannah River.

You never know what to expect in a sunrise. On the way out, there were so many clouds that I feared sunrise would be disappointing.

Instead I feel this photo of the Savannah River with the first golden rays streaking across it speaks to the promise of a new day. About a third of the sky above the water in this photo is covered in clouds reflecting the sun’s morning rays. And we see the sun very muted on the horizon, but it’s breaking through the clouds and lighting up the water and sky.

On the way out of the grasses on the riverbanks I checked out the historic marker I had seen in the dark coming in, this was taken at Battery Hamilton, site of civil war era fortifications.

Today it’s simply a beautiful scenic spot to see the Savannah River and, I think a great location for my first sunrise on Georgia’s coast.


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