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Seine Cruise – Notre Dame Cathedral Art


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When I look at this print of a Seine Cruise boat passing by Notre Dame Cathedral, I feel like there’s a small hole in my Parisian experience. I walked the length of the Seine from just past Notre Dame de Paris to a bit past the Eiffel Tower over and over during my stay in Paris, but somehow I never made it on to one of those boats. That’s an oddity for me. I think I’ve done tours of cities from the water in most any city that offered them. My time in Paris was limited, so I think that explains it to some degree, but it looked like a beautiful experience.

Certainly having walked that same stretch of the river, I can safely say that a Seine Cruise passes by some spectacular architecture. The whole length of the Seine from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower are part of a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site. There’s just no end to the historic and beautiful architecture that sits on those river banks.

This print was taken on a pretty spectacular winter day. The skies are picturesque and, of course, Paris is picturesque. I loved this view of Notre Dame from behind taken from one of the bridges over the river. But I felt like the river and the architecture alone wasn’t as dynamic as it would be with a boat in the river for added interest. I spent some time here capturing the various Seine cruise boats coming up the river past Notre Dame Cathedral until I got the one in this print. This was when everything came together. I love the dynamic feel it has. You can almost imagine yourself on that boat passing by the majestic Notre Dame, can’t you? It has a true feeling of place and that Parisian style.


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