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Six Pence Pub – Savannah Art


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The inspiration for this rain soaked artwork was the landmark Six Pence Pub on Bull Street in Historic Savannah. Although it’s no secret I love Savannah and I love all things British, I have to admit the thing that most attracted me to doing this print was that lovely telephone box. For those who have followed my work for any time, this should come as absolutely no surprise. I have always had a weakness for those beautiful red phone booths. Even better was the chance to show one reflecting in the wet streets of Savannah.

It was very much not raining on my so far only visit to the Six Pence Pub, but that’s the lovely thing about imagination. And I let it run riot here, no doubt. I recall spotting the old red telephone box and knowing I had to come back to see it. I’m sure the tour guide on my trolley tour said something about this location and it’s famous connection to Julia Roberts in the movie Something to Talk About. And I’m not diminishing how cool that is, just that what I saw was a cool British pub and a reminder of one of my favorite island nations.

Perhaps it’s Savannah’s old world charm, but there’s something about the Six Pence Pub that genuinely reminds me of pubs I’ve encountered in both the United Kingdom and Ireland. This could easily be mistaken for a scene, I think, from either of those countries. Of course, those British flags flapping above the door would undoubtedly remove it from consideration as an Irish pub! Ha! But genuinely the style of the architecture itself reminds me of pubs in both places which is pretty wild with it being on the Georgia coast. But lovely Savannah is an old city.

I took some liberties, I suppose with this one, as there are tables in front of the Six Pence Pub where one can dine al fresco. I didn’t want to include them in my rendition because I wanted the sidewalk clear for the water reflecting. And I wanted to concentrate on the warm glow of the interior through those front windows to give a welcoming sense to this Savannah art print.

I hope you’ll take a moment to share your thoughts. What attracts you to this particular print? Have you visited the Six Pence Pub? Do you love Savannah? Or British pubs? Or maybe the general ambiance of this cheerful Savannah scene was all the excuse you needed? All of the above is an answer, too, of course!


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