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Snowy Edinburgh Castle – Scottish Winter Art


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On my first trip to Scotland a decade ago, I did see snow falling over Edinburgh one night. It was a light snow and barely accumulated. The next morning the only sign was a light dusting on the cars, but I’ll never forget the magic of seeing swirling snow against the street lamps of that beautiful old city. And every since I’ve dreamed of a scene like this one of snowy Edinburgh Castle.

Of course, one of the cool things about being an artist is being able to make something like a dream of a snowy Edinburgh Castle a reality in a visual art form at least. And the last time I saw Edinburgh castle, there might not have been snow falling, but it was night and there were beautiful dusk blue skies over the golden glow of those old castle walls, so I was not far from a starting point for this particular Edinburgh scene.

I definitely intended for this snowy Edinburgh Castle artwork to have a magical or fantastical vibe. There’s just something of the winter wonderland about this scene. From the snow filled esplanade to the wafting snow in the air, it feels like a page from a storybook tale about castles and knights from medieval times, doesn’t it? I half expect there’s a great feast going on inside the great hall while the snow falls outside on a cold wintry Edinburgh.

Some day perhaps I’ll manage to time a trip to Scotland where I really see a Snowy Edinburgh Castle but until then, I’ve exorcised this beautiful dream. Have you actually had the good fortune of enjoying winter in Edinburgh? Or do you have the same dream? Perhaps it’s the fairy tale quality of this Edinburgh art print that speaks to you? I hope you’ll pause for a second to share what it is about this particular print that caught your attention!

Note: Both Edinburgh’s Old Town (where the famous castle sits) and New Town are UNESCO listed World Heritage Sites.


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