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St Peter’s Dome – Vatican Art Print


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Seeing St Peter’s Dome up close and personal was unquestionably a highlight of my multiple visits to the Vatican while I was in Rome. Walking on the roof and climbing through the interior of that great baroque church dome was both exhausting and exhilarating. And as you can tell from this print, the skies overhead that day were truly postcard-perfect

This was the view of St. Peter’s Dome as I prepared to bid the roof of the historic basilica farewell. As I turned to look at the dome one more time before the climb down, this was the beautiful view I saw. I love much about this St. Peter’s Dome print, but it’s the colors that speak to me loudest. From the bright red that leads the eyes back to the dome to the way the dome mirrors the blue and white colors of the sky above.

I could have tried to wait for a lull in the people following the same path I was from St Peter’s Dome to the ground. And in fact at one point in time, I would have done everything I could to omit people from the image. But I’ve grown since then. In my eyes, in addition to some sense of scale, these people humanize the scene. The roof of St. Peter’s isn’t cold and stark heritage architecture. It’s the people making their own little pilgrimage to the top of the basilica that are some part of that beautiful story in this image. Years later, when I look at this Vatican print, I put myself in their place. They are my human anchor to that beautiful afternoon on the roof of St. Peter’s

Have you had the chance to visit the Vatican? Did you get to climb St Peter’s Dome? Or perhaps you’ve never been but are simply won over by the gorgeous architecture and colors in this print? I hope yu will take a few moment to let me know what speaks to most in this print from the roof of St Peter’s Basilica?


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