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Stormy Italian Skies – Rome Tiber River Art


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A simple fact of life for anyone traveling to Europe in the winter is there will be stormy weather as evidenced by the stormy Italian skies in this Rome print. There will be sunny days, but there will be days when the rain pours down. And then there will be little moments of promise like this one, when the sun comes out in a small way to remind us all that its still behind the dark clouds.

Luckily some of us love the drama in  stormy weather. While I do like a happy middle, of the two extremes, dynamic storm clouds speak to me on some level that a clear blue sky never will. The moodiness in those stormy Italian skies is clearer in my memories than the sunniest day I spent in Rome. I’m sure on some level that says something about my core-self, but I know I’m not alone as stormy artwork has been around practically as long as there’s been paint. Or at least art museums seem to be over-flowing with them in my experience! For every bucolic meadow there are storm clouds in the next painting. Have you noticed this?

And this moment when the stormy Italian skies broke over the ancient Tiber River is etched in my memory. I was standing on one of the upper levels of Castel Sant’Angelo when I looked out at the cityscape below. The rains had stopped nd the sun broke through for just a moment. When I saw it reflecting in the Tiber, it was as if the heavens opened for just a second. And, well, you can see what it was like when the sun broke through for just a moment on that gray afternoon in Rome. It only lasted a moment, but it was a reminder we’d see the sun again.

Have you seen storm clouds break over the Tiber in Rome? Or maybe the dynamic tension of this stormy print speaks to you on the same level it does for me? I would love if you take a second to share what aspect of this Rome print you like best?


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