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Stormy Weather – The Sea And Tybee Pier Art


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There’s just something about stormy weather that appeals to me. I don’t think I’m alone that there’s something about the air in a storm, particularly one that comes in off the sea that just charges the air. It makes me feel more awake, more alive, than an other time.

Those storms over the ocean were what I was thinking about as I worked on this stormy weather artwork of the pier on Tybee Island, off the Georgia coast. I feel I’ve really captured that feeling, such to the point that I swear when I look at this seaside artwork, I can feel that same charge in the air – I guess the power of suggestion is strong for me. How about you, can you smell the salt air and heat the pounding waves?

There’s just something about stormy weather isn’t there? It seems to be a frequent theme of landscape paintings. And they often seem to depict the pounding waves and the brooding skies. Perhaps its because we marvel at the raw power of nature? Storms have literally affected the course of history blowing ships off course and more.

At any rate, this is my ode to the sea and the stormy weather that lives over those ocean waves. I hope it speaks to you as much as it does to me.


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