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Streets of Cambridge – Gothic Revival Architecture Print


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Sometimes it seems like I have an excessively long list of places I want to return to in that mythical time called someday. And after five trips to Britain, I just keep seeming to add to the list, never subtracting from it! On the positive, I guess that means I find something to appreciate about a variety of places! And Cambridge is one of those places. I only spent a day-out from London there and I found it an enchanting city. Of course, I do think I have a little thing for college towns, but it was also because Cambridge dripped in British architecture from Medieval to Modern.

For me, this street scene in Cambridge was the epitome of Cambridge itself, but on a larger scale, it’s also got an incredibly British flair to it. I think owing much to the Gothic Revival architecture standing at the end of that lane. It’s funny to me how utterly British it feels when in the grand scheme of things, it’s relatively new. It’s not as if Britain has looked like this since Medieval times. It was only during the reign of Queen Victoria in the 19th century that Gothic Revival architecture came into being. New construction was designed to look similar in style to Medieval Gothic. The result is something of a Gothic veneer but it just works and flash forward a bit over a hundred years and suddenly it just screams Britannia, doesn’t it? It’s funny how quickly a look can take on a national style.

It took some hunting online to find out the details of the Gothic revival building pictured here. This building on Trinity Street is actually part of the Trinity College campus, Whewell’s Courts, built in the 19th century. I honestly wasn’t aware it was part of any particular college in Cambridge when I took the photo. I just loved the architecture and the street scene out front complete with one of the ubiquitous bicycles of Cambridge. This picture feels like a real slice of my day in Cambridge, a beautiful and peaceful college town.

Have you wandered around Cambridge yourself or perhaps you too have a yen for Gothic Revival?


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