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Sunny Morning in Dublin – Irish Art Print


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On my last day in Ireland, the sun was really out in full force. It wasn’t one of those days where the sun came and went but a rare day where the sun shone brightly from sunrise to sunset. I had gotten out of bed early that day and found myself enjoying early morning in Dublin on the wide boulevard of O’Connell Street as seen in this print. The sun was amazingly bright!

It was clearly early morning in Dublin as I had never seen O’Connell Street so empty of traffic. As you can see, it was just pedestrians and this one lone guy on his bike heading up the street. It was an alien sight to me for sure but I loved the view of O’Connell Street in the morning in Dublin. You could really appreciate how wide O’Connell Street is and all the period architecture along that grand old avenue. O’Connell street is apparently one of the widest streets in Europe and it shows in this print.

This morning in Dublin is my enduring memory of that city with the beautiful old shops and department stores and this wide old boulevard with a real solid old world European feel to it. And every time I look at this print with the sunlight shining so brightly, I feel like I could step back into this moment. It’s alive with the people of Dublin and the fabric of their city.

Have you wandered this same street in Dublin? Or does the strong feeling of place in this print appeal to you? I’d love to hear what draws you to this particular Dublin print!


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