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Tallulah Gorge Sunrise – North Georgia Fall Color Art


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Tallulah Gorge in North Georgia is one of those places that if you’ve been there, you’ll never forget it. The landscape is just… primeval… I can think of no better word to describe the feeling I had staring into that ancient gorge in the bedrock of the Georgia mountains. Tallulah Gorge was long on my list of places to see and when I finally got there, it didn’t disappoint.

The gorge is even more unforgettable if you’ve been there in the autumn when the fall colors are at their peak. In fact, in general I felt that it was the Fall season when North Georgia truly shone its brightest. It was the time of the year when I was happy to get up before daylight and head into the mountains. And this is coming from a person who is a morning person only when there’s an excellent reason to be one. And the fall foliage in Tallulah Gorge stands out as one of those excellent reasons.

This artwork is based on photos from one of those early morning drives. I set off well before dawn with Tallulah Gorge on my hit list. I had heard so much about this ancient landscape in Rabun County that I had to see it in person. I arrived on the rim of the gorge just as the sun came over the horizon and brought the canyon into a frenzy of fall color mixed with an intense golden light.

It was incredibly memorable and I had to do my best to convey that feeling through my artwork. If you’ve stood on that same spot and perhaps, like me, hiked into the canyon afterward, I hope this Tallulah Gorge print fires up your memories as well! I hope you’ll take a moment to share what you like best about this North Georgia print!


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